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Product Description

The installers favorite

6.5”/4” 3-Way Cast Component set when you are looking for the best!  Natural, super clean, neutral, up-front, sound stage.

CDT Audio designs and builds its drivers and crossovers to the very highest of standards. Years of experience and design flexibility yield higher quality and better performance. Quite simply, we produce “audiophile” sound, smoother response, wider dynamic range, and better imaging and higher reliability. Our incredible mid-bass and midrange drivers are flat to 7khz! That’s 6.5-octave response!

This puts much less stress on the Tweeter, providing greater power handling and much better sound. Our special “Contoured Dispersion” radiation pattern in the critical midrange frequencies delivers rock solid imaging and front staging, with virtually no “side biasing.

The engineering design goal for HD 642: Deliver optimum sound quality with easy installation at the affordable price.

3- way component set

Technical specs and contents

  • 1 pr HD-6  6.7” cast mid-woofers
  • 1 pr HD-4  4” cast mid-woofers
  • 1 pr EX-30 24dB 3-way crossovers
  • 1 pr DRT-25  1” silk tweeters
  • Power handling: 250 watts RMS @
  • High-pass 100Hz
  • Frequency response: 55Hz-20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 92.6dB
  • Mounting depth 6.5” 2/34” 4” 2.1”
  • Flush and surface tweeter housings


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